Audiobook • My Life as a Luthier and Instructor

This audiobook contains stories and experiences collected from over 20 years of teaching others the art of lutherie.

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Having taught the art of lutherie to literally hundreds of students over the years in private and group classes in my personal shop, in a college level course and all over the world in other people's shops, one might imagine that I have collected a lot of stories during this time. I certainly have!!! In this audiobook I relate some of these stories and experiences. Some are happy, and some sad. Others are inspirational and motivating but all of them are true and actually happened. I am sure you will find this audio book relating my experiences fun and entertaining. Sit back and relax as I tell the stories collected from the front lines and trenches of being an instructor of lutherie. Thanks for listening and Happy Building!

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Those are great stories, I very much enjoyed them. Larry
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OMG you had me rolling! Really really good stories! Loved the whole thing! Ramon
Well worth the price of admission. It was like sitting in your shop drinking Brazilian coffee (no sawdust mixed in, though) and telling stories. Lots of good lessons. Steve
Definitely a fun listen,it's like being at your place, taking a break and chillin. I liked just kicking back in my recliner with a cup of coffee and listening. Next will be Robbie O'Brien the sitcom. Rolando
I have been listening in the shop while I work and have enjoyed it. I actually learned something, I always thought the drum sander was a glue removal tool. Dang now I need to sharpen my scrapers. John
I can’t tell you how enjoyable this was to listen to while French polishing my latest guitar. Really fun, great bits of down to earth wisdom and light hearted fun. I will listen to this many times before this build is done. And great ending! Ramon
Have thoroughly enjoyed listening to your stories Robbie, very well narrated very interesting, thank you. Thomas
Those are great stories, I very much enjoyed them. Larry
Very entertaining! Ken
Had to write and tell you how much I've enjoyed listening so far. Just like I imagined, an hour of guitar finishing just flew by as I was got completely immersed in your stories. It's like having you in my kitchen but without you eating up my coffee or pastries. Thank you for this & all you've done for the community. Tom
My Life as a Luthier and Instructor 2:33:43