Fretting Course with Michael Bashkin

Without good Fretwork your instrument is difficult to play or even unplayable altogether. Learn how to do it right the first time with Michael Bashkin’s professional advice.

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About This Course

Welcome to the Robert O’Brien Online Fretwork Course. This course, presented by Michael Bashkin of Bashkin Guitars, will teach you everything you need to know to do professional fretwork. Michael covers it all from diagnosing issues all the way to delivering the completed job to the client. Everything from fretboard preparation to final dressing and polishing of the frets is covered. Even hard to find information like compression fretting, hemispherical fret ends and compound radii are covered. Sit back and watch as Michael shares knowledge gained over his career as one of the world’s leading luthiers. The course was filmed in High Definition and contains over 4 hours of quality video instructions with all the ins and outs of how to do a professional fretjob.

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Learn professional fretwork from one of the world’s leading luthiers. Happy Fretwork!

This lesson series was a wealth of technical knowledge, and anyone looking to push their fretting techniques to higher levels should absolutely take a step into the "digital lesson workshop". Karikker Customs
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Wow that Michael is some great teacher! So relaxed and articulate. Jay
Just purchased the Michael Bashkin fretting course. I have done a bunch of fret work, but I recently read a review of Michael’s approach (I think it was in American Lutherie), and it hit my tipping point. There is always something new to learn. I appreciate that you provide these online courses. John
His fretwork course is absolutely amazing! Always something new to learn Karan
The hemispherical fret ends are my next "to-do" list. Absolutely amazing course at www.obrienguitars/courses Jeff
I wanted to compliment you on the last few courses that I purchased online. Jeff's latest level sanding and Bashkin's fretwork. These were top notch productions and very informative. Peter
I bought it the second I got the email from @obrien_guitars Absolutely fantastic! Zenncanters
This lesson series was a wealth of technical knowledge, and anyone looking to push their fretting techniques to higher levels should absolutely take a step into the "digital lesson workshop". Karikker Customs
I’m watching it now. It is really well done. J Roadman
Michael is taking me to school with his new course on fretting. I've been doing this for a good while now but it doesn't mean there isn't more to learn; I'm only on the 4th lesson and indeed, there is more to learn! Christian
Thanks for putting together these excellent tutorial videos on Fretwork. Dermot
Michael is very clear in his explanations and puts forward his methods without being dogmatic pointing out different ways of doing things. The camera work is excellent with good close ups. Well worth the money! Dave
I've just been watching the new Michael Bashkin's refret course. Than you for your opportunity to learn. Atsushi in Japan
Just finished the course. It's absolutely lovely! And some very useful information in there. Thanks Robbie and Michael for putting this together! Karan in India
This is a great series and will make you better immediately. Elaine
This is a really great course, I am glad you guys took the time to put it together. John
Half way thru course and really enjoying it. Rich
I have been searching for information on how to do hemispherical fret ends and you did a great job presenting it. Can't wait to do this on my fret jobs! Rich
Wow! Really enjoyed the part about compression fretting! Thanks for making this available. Tony
This course filled in a lot of gaps in my fretwork knowledge. Thanks! Dan
Fantastic. I love Michael’s podcast and I look forward to seeing him in the spotlight for a change.
Bashkin is awesome! Karan
Fretting Course with Michael Bashkin
Intro 1:33
Lesson 1: Diagnosing 12:30
Lesson 2: Developing a plan 9:00
Lesson 3: Removing frets 9:13
Lesson 4: Correcting fretboard geometry 5:56
Lesson 5: More fret removal 3:44
Lesson 6: Fretboard radius 6:38
Lesson 7: Prepping for frets 10:26
Lesson 8: Types of fretwire 7:46
Lesson 9: Installing frets 36:36
Lesson 10: Checking for level 7:04
Lesson 11: Clipping fret ends 5:08
Lesson 12: Filing flush and beveling 21:54
Lesson 13: Polishing 8:25
Lesson 14: Finishing touches 4:03
Lesson 15: Dressing a compound radius fretboard 9:52
Lesson 16: Prepping the slots 3:59
Lesson 17: Hemispherical frets 9:58
Lesson 18: More fret installation 16:25
Lesson 19: Fixing a high fret 3:43
Lesson 20: Test driving the new fret install 2:35
Lesson 21: Compression fretting 18:10
Lesson 22: How to dress frets 15:19
Lesson 23: Fixing fretboard chips and dings 11:04
Lesson 24: Other scenarios 13:17
Lesson 25: Final thoughts 3:03
Lesson 26: A few more thoughts 4:28