CNC for Luthiers

In this course, Bob Mizek of Robert's Luthiery, shows you how to use CNC in your shop to become more productive.

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About This Course

Using CNC in your shop can help you become more productive and increase your level of precision. In this course, Bob Mizek of Roberts Luthiery, takes you step by step through the CNC process, helping you shorten the learning curve and teaching you to become proficient using your CNC hardware and Vectric software which is recommended for use by leading manufacturers of CNC routers. Bob starts with the basics such as, what to consider when purchasing a CNC machine, types of cutters, how to hold the workpiece, dust collection etc. and finishes with actual projects programmed in Vectric V-Carve Pro that include design and execution of common projects used in a working lutherie workshop. Bob expertly challenges you in the course as you use the knowledge gained in previous lessons to produce more advanced projects and designs as you progress through the lessons. The course also includes the CAD plans for all the projects taught. If you are on the fence about getting a CNC machine or perhaps already have a CNC and want to become more proficient with designing projects and using it, then this is the course for you. It has never been easier to learn CNC. Bob is a great teacher and this course will take years off your learning curve, saving you time, money and frustration!

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I just bought the course today and look forward to learning! From Instagram
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I highly recommend this class to anyone that is getting started in using CNC for instrument making. Bob is highly knowledgeable and a good instructor. David
I recently finished Bob Mizek’s “CNC for Luthier’s” and am about ½ way through the new course “Making an Electric Guitar Neck with CNC”. These are great courses. David
Bob's "CNC for Luthiers" really helped me up the CNC learning curve. Tim
I have been going through the CNC class and I am really enjoying it. I have learned a ton, and I have done most of the exercises. The content is amazing! Brock
With more than +20 years using CAD/CAM technologies, I must say: This is the course I wish I had when I started with CNC. It would have saved me a lot of money, a lot of time wasted (more money) and most important, a LOT of frustrations and sleepless nights. This course is an insurance for your precious investment in CNC. This is the future of lutherie, and resistance is futile. The price of this course is irrisory compared with the waste in broken bits and replacement parts you will break if you don't begin in CNC with the right decision: a good formative time Paco
Full production lutherie with CNC, wow! Way beyond what I plan to do, but the wisdom is vast and applicable across the platform. Love it. Rick
I’m so glad he did it the way he did. It’s not a course about 3D modeling, it’s about using the software that comes with a lot of machines, Vectric Vcarve, and putting it to good use making guitar parts and tools. This is the way! Brad
I just bought the course today and look forward to learning! From Instagram
This course is exactly what I’ve been preaching to anyone who would listen…. There is a TON you can do with the CNC that will augment your building before you have to get anywhere near complex software, 3D modeling, etc… The course uses the same software I started with, Vectric Vcarve, which is a very simple all in one package for CAD/CAM. Brad
This is what i was waiting for! Juan
Robbie, I’m so glad you did this course. Too many builders are scared away from CNC because they try to jump straight into Fusion 360 or Rhino and model an acoustic neck. There are tons of great uses for CNC in a luthiers workshop which don’t require a single bit of 3D modeling. Vectric software is very accessible, even for those not totally comfortable with their PC, and there are loads of videos on Youtube that take you step by step. I hope this course is a great seller for you. Brad
Great contribution, there's nothing out there like this Dany
Looks like a great course! David
You have no excuses now! And I love his accent, it is super easy to follow for us non native English speakers. That's another bonus! Paco in Spain
Chapter 1
Lesson 1: Intro 6:02
Chapter 2
Lesson 1: XYZ and Size Considerations 26:02
Chapter 3
Lesson 1: Vectric Software 15:25
Chapter 4
Lesson 1: Cutting Tools 21:58
Chapter 5
Lesson 1: Routers and Spindles 31:30
Chapter 6
Lesson 1: Dust and Chip Collection 17:28
Chapter 7
Lesson 1: Measuring 17:18
Chapter 8
Lesson 1: Mounting the Workpiece 29:03
Chapter 9
Lesson 1: Flat Bottom Pick Dish 45:38
Lesson 2: Oval Pick Dish and Engraving 25:00
Lesson 3: Pick Dish and Profile Toolpaths 48:11
Chapter 10
Lesson 1: Outputting Toolpaths 11:14
Chapter 11
Lesson 1: Radius Dish 38:08
Chapter 12
Lesson 1: Belly Bridge 1:32:14
Lesson 2: Modern Bridge 27:11
Chapter 13
Lesson 1: Fretboards 1:22:14
Chapter 14
Lesson 1: Drawing a Body Shape 32:05
Lesson 2: Outside Body Mold 37:48
Lesson 3: Bending Forms 21:24
Chapter 15
Introduction to Guitar Bodies 10:09
Lesson 1: Top Load Guitar Body 1:22:38
Lesson 2: Archtop Guitar 57:47
Lesson 3: Double Cutaway Guitar Body 35:03
Lesson 4: Pickguards 24:17
Chapter 16
Lesson 1: Basic Inlay 52:34
Lesson 2: Block Letter 36:05
Lesson 3: Script Letter Inlay 52:44