Making an Electric Guitar Neck with CNC

Use your cnc machine to make an electric guitar neck. In this course, Bob Mizek of Robert’s Luthiery, shows you how.

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About This Course

Making a guitar neck to precise specifications is one of the toughest tasks that guitar makers face. It takes multiple steps using saws, routers, templates, belt and oscillating sanders, and drills, besides hand tools such as rasps and files. In this course, Bob Mizek of Roberts Luthiery takes you step-by-step through the CNC process to make a bolt on neck for electric guitars. Using Vectric V-Carve Pro or Vectric Aspire (Version 11.5 and higher) and the available downloadable Vectric files you’ll be able to make your own bolt on 25.5” (647.8mm) scale neck with offset peghead that will fit most guitars that accept Fender S-type necks. Two peghead profiles are included as well as a tutorial to create your own unique shape!  In addition, as a bonus, a file to create a matching fretboard that aligns perfectly is included.

This class contains advanced material and is recommended for experienced Vectric users and guitar makers that have already purchased the CNC for Luthiers class also available through Lutherie Academy

The course includes important considerations, such as:

Making a bolt on neck for electric guitars has never been easier!

I recently finished Bob Mizek’s “CNC for Luthier’s” and am about ½ way through the new course “Making an Electric Guitar Neck with CNC”. These are great courses. David
Chapter 1 • “Hockey Stick” Neck
Lesson 1: Intro and Overview 11:13
Lesson 2: 6-inline Peghead Design 6:14
Lesson 3: Review of Layers Used 22:06
Lesson 4: Mounting the Workpiece 20:18
Lesson 5: Cutting the Truss Rod Slot 9:38
Lesson 6: Cutting the Peghead Sweep 5:56
Lesson 7: Cutting the Inline Tuner Holes 3:38
Lesson 8: Cuting the Peghead Outline 5:39
Lesson 9: Fretboard Alignment Holes 4:45
Lesson 10: Rough and Finish Cut Barrel on Side 2 15:10
Lesson 11: Flatten Heel 9:32
Lesson 12: Drill Mounting Holes and Cut Out Profile 14:44
Chapter 2 • 3x3 Tuner Neck
Lesson 1: Introduction 7:54
Lesson 2: Process 39:24
Lesson 3: Swapping Peghead Shapes 21:52
Lesson 4: Creating the Fretboard from the Bolt-on Neck File 19:38
Lesson 5: Creating the Toolpaths for the Fretboard 15:27
Lesson 6: Creating Dowel Holes, Locating Holes, and Fret Slots 31:11
Lesson 7: Creating Dot Pockets and Profile Cutout Toolpaths 26:11