Composite Double Top with Gernot Wagner

In this course, Gernot Wagner, the inventor of the composite double top, explains how he makes his world class Double Top guitar soundboards.

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About This Course

German luthier and inventor of the composite double top, Gernot Wagner, begin making the composite double top soundboard using Nomex honeycomb sandwiched between a thin inner and outer skin. For over thirty years he has been refining his double top building methods and in this course explains not only HOW he makes a double top soundboard but also, WHY he makes double top soundboards. Gernot explains the history of the double top guitar and how he got his start in lutherie. He then gives a presentation about the double top including the specs, materials, building methods and an explanation about the gluing steps and vacuum clamping for laminating the components. He also shares his thoughts on guitar acoustics in detail! Finally he gives us a tour of his shop in Frankfurt, Germany. This course is not intended to be a complete step by step instructional tutorial but rather an explanation and demonstration of the techniques that Gernot has developed over a lifetime of trial and error developing the double top soundboard. However, there is more than enough information for the viewer to build a double top soundboard. Included with the course is a downloadable PDF of Gernot’s presentation.

Gernot’s guitars are played by some of the world’s top classical guitarists. Here is your chance to learn from the inventor of the double top. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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Very nice course! David
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Very nice course! David
Hi Robert. I purchased the double top course. I haven't finished it yet but it is great! Thanks so much for all your great classes. Pablo
Composite Double Top with Gernot Wagner
Lesson 1: The History of the Double Top Guitar 29:37
Lesson 2: How He Got His Start in Lutherie 24:26
Lesson 3: Double Top Specs 22:04
Lesson 4: Double Top Presentation 22:05
Lesson 5: Double Top Building Method Presentation 26:13
Lesson 6: Thoughts on Guitar Top Acoustics 16:26
Lesson 7: Shop Tour Slideshow 11:58
Lesson 8: Gluing Method Explanation 22:03
Lesson 9: Shop Tour 29:04
Lesson 10: Conclusion 6:43