Making Guitar Dovetail Joints

Take a deep dive into all things dovetail with Canadian luthier, Charles Tauber. If you want to learn how to design and execute perfectly fit dovetails, then this course is for you!

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About This Course

Welcome to the Dovetail course. In this course you will learn about the history of this traditional joint, why it is used on guitars and other instruments and how to then calculate and execute a flawless dovetail joint on your instrument. Charles has been using this joint for decades on his personal instruments and in this course breaks down all the steps into easy to understand lessons so that you can begin using dovetail joints on your instruments.

Downloadable supporting docs include plans for calculating positive and negative parts of the joint and also for making your own dovetail jigs.

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Thanks! Exactly what I needed for my first build! Aub L
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Thanks! Exactly what I needed for my first build! Aub L
Fantastic! It looks very comprehensive and great to see it covering classical! David
Making Guitar Dovetail Joints
Introduction 2:32
Lesson 1: The dovetail joint 4:30
Lesson 2: Cantilevered vs. non cantilevered neck construction 1:29
Lesson 3: Fingerboard transtion from neck to body 9:14
Lesson 4: Jigs - The router and bushings 1:25
Lesson 5: The positive and negative jig 0:41
Lesson 6: Sizing the Jigs 3:09
Lesson 7: Making dovetail jigs 4:08
Lesson 8: Preparing the sides 6:39
Lesson 9: Cutting the negative portion of the joint 6:59
Lesson 10: Preparing the neck for cutting the positive joint 12:17
Lesson 11: Determining neck angle 15:18
Lesson 12: Cutting the positive portion of the dovetail joint 8:40
Lesson 13: Fitting the joint 12:45
Lesson 14: The simple dovetail - cutting the negative portion of the joint 6:01
Lesson 15: The simple dovetail - cutting the positive portion of the joint 4:32
Lesson 16: Fitting the simple dovetail joint 7:29
Lesson 17: The pinned dovetail joint 3:35
Lesson 18: Final fitting 12:52
Lesson 19: Truss rod installation 5:21
Lesson 20: Assembly of neck to body 3:37
Lesson 21: Testing the jigs for fit 9:47
Lesson 22: Dovetailed hangers 1:28
Lesson 23: Conclusion 1:25