Falcate Bracing with Trevor Gore

In this course, Australian luthier, Trevor Gore, shows how to do his falcate bracing system from start to finish. Tired of the traditional bracing patterns? Learn how falcate bracing can make your guitars sound better!

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About This Course

Australian luthier, Trevor Gore, invented the falcate bracing system for classical and acoustic guitars. Many luthiers around the world are now using this bracing system to improve the tonal properties of their instruments and make them more responsive. Until now, you had to study Trevor’s books to understand how to use this bracing system. Now you can see Trevor explain every step of the process in great detail from design to attaching the top and back to the sides of the instrument, measuring and tuning the resonant frequencies of the box, top and back.

Many of the techniques used in this course can be applied to traditional bracing systems as well. The section about target frequencies and how to measure and achieve them is extremely useful. The course comes with a downloadable chart of target frequencies for a variety of guitar sizes and models.

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I found Trevor’s new course to be outstanding. With his two courses and his books, everything has started making sense to me about his process and using CF in the building process. Elaine
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This course is so much more than Falcate bracing. Trevor demonstrates how to: - use Carbon fiber in top construction - construct falcate braces - construct and tune a Live Back - Tune a constructed body to frequency specs Elaine
Trevor’s Online Videos. I love these things! Elaine
I found Trevor’s new course to be outstanding. With his two courses and his books, everything has started making sense to me about his process and using CF in the building process. Elaine
I have been building Falcate braced guitars now for 3 years using the 2 volume text book set which has been very helpful. I recently purchased the video series on Falcate bracing and have found it to be an excellent addition to the books. I picked up some great “pearls” which will be very helpful in future builds. I would encourage any builder who has the texts to also purchase the videos. Thanks for making the videos. Terry in Canada
I have done a couple of falcate bracings, and the results were wonderful. Pedro in Brazil
Do it, money well spent. Paul
As with all your courses. Best bang for the buck even if it were 5 times the price. Anthony
Wow, this is helpful! I already have the Design / Build Books and previously, I have made three Falcate braced guitars. However, having the video course instructions has significantly helped to better understand the correct construction methods and improve my guitar building skills. The video course is excellent value for money and demonstrates the best practical ways to build a Falcate braced guitar. Wayne in Australia
I've found the two books to be absolutely helpful. I took Trevor's in-person course this summer and it was great, but the combination of the books and the two on-line courses offered through the Academy are really the way to go if you want to sort this stuff out. Ian in Canada
I’ve been waiting with bated breath for the release of this course, and jumped on it as soon as you sent the email out. Ian
Watched a bunch of the course. It was very informative on how he addressed some of the harder build steps. The is a great addition to his build book. John
This is a great course. Not only does Trevor show in all details how to make, apply and shape the falcate braces, but you get a lot of other info along the way, like thicknessing the top and back with the help of measuring the long grain, cross grain and "twist" Young's modulus as well as the density of the wood. It's apparent that Trevor has done this plenty of times - and there is no better source for this out there as he is the original inventor and master of falcate bracing! Highly recommended - and thanks to Robbie for making it available! Florian in Austria
Falcate Bracing with Trevor Gore
Introduction 3:39
Lesson 1: Milling falcate braces 2:52
Lesson 2: Making a bending form 2:01
Lesson 3: Bending braces 7:37
Lesson 4: Laminating falcate braces 21:27
Lesson 5: Determining top thickness 9:23
Lesson 6: Joining the top 2:32
Lesson 7: Soundhole reinforcement 3:17
Lesson 8: Thicknessing the top 5:15
Lesson 9: Marking bracing pattern 11:20
Lesson 10: Prepping falcate braces 10:30
Lesson 11: The soundhole 3:26
Lesson 12: The bridge patch 9:56
Lesson 13: Bracing layout 20:27
Lesson 14: Carbon fiber 4:44
Lesson 15: Glue up prep 4:47
Lesson 16: Gluing braces 37:40
Lesson 17: Determining back thickness 5:58
Lesson 18: Soundhole bracing 6:41
Lesson 19: Brace carving 26:49
Lesson 20: The transverse brace 11:06
Lesson 21: More carbon fiber 19:58
Lesson 22: The back 17:54
Lesson 23: Gluing the transverse brace 6:52
Lesson 24: Tuning the back 9:44
Lesson 25: Closing the box 6:57
Lesson 26: Final tap 9:27