Guitar Critique Masterclass

Learn what a professional musician wants and needs in a custom guitar. Whether you have built just one guitar or many, the information provided here will help you build what will sell.

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About This Course

This video course was taken from a Guitar Critique Master Class hosted by Robert O'Brien when he was still teaching a college level lutherie course at a local college in Colorado. Robert invited professional guitarist, Steve Devries, to come to the college at the end of the semester and critique his students' guitars. Steve takes the gloves off and gives a no holds barred opinion of each guitar. Many luthiers do not know what a professional musician really wants or needs in an handmade guitar. Steve is in a unique position to give us luthiers information that will help us make a better end product. With two hours of Steve critique's, thirty minutes of Q&A, and also an interview with Steve, this video course is full of information about types of woods used in lutherie, body size and shape, the importance of humidity, fit and finish, cutaways, set up, strings, tuners, pickups, playing styles and even types of picks that players use.

If you want to take your building to the next level and especially if you plan on selling or are already selling your instruments then this course is a must!

Very few musicians will actually give you an honest opinion about the instrument you have built. Sit back and relax as Steve does just that.

Also included is free bonus footage of Steve performing for those in attendance at the master class.

Well done Robbie and Steve! It was a very informative course. Tim
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I downloaded the course this morning, intending to watch it later. But I started watching Chap 1 and couldn’t put it down. I was absolutely captivated by it. Steve said things in a clear, honest and rational way and I’m already reevaluating how I approach my designs and methods. A terrific learning experience - thanks Robbie - Steve - and student luthiers all! Tony in Colorado
No plans to ever build to sell guitars but I still think it will help me as both someone who repairs and builds to gain the pro player perspective and what he/she needs, wants and looks for in a guitar. So I bought the course... well worth the price. Steven
Well worth the $12 or so it cost. John
Well done Robbie and Steve! It was a very informative course. Tim
The class on the Guitar Critique was extremely helpful. I took a lot of notes from that class and have been trying to make a guitar that meets all the key points for a good guitar. So that was a great idea for a course and very useful. Frank
Guitar Critique Masterclass
Intro 4:18
Lesson 1: Part I 1:02:35
Lesson 2: Part II 54:19
Lesson 3: Q&A 31:18
Lesson 4: Interview 21:59
Concert 8:22