Inlay Techniques with Larry Robinson

In this course, Inlay artist, Larry Robinson, shows the tools and techniques he uses to create his artistic inlay designs that adorn some of the world's most prestigious instruments. Larry has developed and taught his craft over almost a half century. This is the definitive inlay course from one of the world's top inlay artists!

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About This Course

Inlay is a nice way to really dress up an instrument and a chance for the luthier to get creative and leave a personal artistic signature on the instrument. When it comes to inlay artists, Larry Robinson is at the top of the list. His career spans over 46 years and his clients are among some of the most well known guitar factories and luthiers in the world!

In this course Larry will cover everything needed to empower you to design and inlay simple to highly complex inlays. It will cover the tools, materials, design and techniques needed to make your instruments true works of art. The course is divided into three parts: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Inlay Techniques covering a variety of projects from simple peghead designs, signatures, lettering, rosettes, bridges and even intricate full fretboard and peghead inlays. In the Basic course you will learn everything to get started designing and inlaying; including letters, logos and signatures. The Intermediate course covers more complex peghead and fretboard designs and the Advanced course will teach you how to execute highly complex full fretboard, peghead, bridge and rosette inlays from concept to finished project. The three parts can be purchased separately or together at a significant discount.

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Larry has been doing and teaching inlay for a long time folks! He has authored books and DVD's on the subject and has refined and perfected his techniques over his long career.

This is the last time he will be teaching an inlay course and sharing the hard won and distilled information from over 46 years of daily inlaying for the best luthiers in the world. These video lessons and the techniques presented in them are the culmination of his dedication to his craft and his legacy as a leading craftsman in this field.

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Happy Inlaying!

On a scale of one to ten this Larry Robinson course gets 100. Absolutely amazing! Thank you! Jim
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On a scale of one to ten this Larry Robinson course gets 100. Absolutely amazing! Thank you! Jim
I also highly recommend the course. Roger
I bought the Larry Robertson inlay course last year I learned so much its Amazing. I am attaching 2 pics of a ipad holder I made for my wife, She uses it while she bakes to follow a recipe. Sunflowers are her favorite. This is made of walnut the inlay is 30 individual peices it took me about 2- months to complete it. Thank You & Larry for providing this course. Scott
I bought 2 of your courses the voicing a steel string guitar & The inlay course Both courses are really good. Scott
This Inlay Course is is spectacular! I’ve watched the original DVD course, and although his new course might seem to be the same, it absolutely is a new take. His experience in teaching and doing inlay work really shows. In Course 1, he has teased out everything you need to know to create your own peg head, signature, and logo designs using all the materials available to today’s luthier. Then Courses 2 and 3 show in detail how to create and execute more advanced designs. Larry has freed me from the constraint of only using what I can purchase already cut out. He has made me believe I can tackle designs that enhance my instrument building. Thanks Robbie and Larry for this new version. Elaine
Wow! Really amazing Robbie. I don't know of any other course like this, and you have Larry Robinson teaching it! Rolo
Can wait to watch it! Thanks Larry and Robbie for putting this together. Very much appreciated. Would love to take my inlay up a couple notches. Austin
I would like to compliment you on yet another wonderful and fabulous course " Inlay techniques with Larry Robinson " and I'm over the moon with this one. Hans
Awesome! Vic
Awesome, I was waiting for a course like this to become available. Thanks Robbie Scott
Chapter 1 • Beginner Inlay Techniques
3:02:30 $120.50 Buy Chapter
Course Introduction 1:51
Lesson 1: Tools 12:41
Lesson 2: Materials 21:31
Lesson 3: Design 22:22
Lesson 4: Cutting the materials 45:25
Lesson 5: Assembling and marking 6:06
Lesson 6: Routing the cavity 13:00
Lesson 7: Leveling the inlay 5:36
Lesson 8: Lettering 7:43
Lesson 9: Logos 23:42
Lesson 10: Signatures 19:35
Conclusion 2:58
Chapter 2 • Intermediate Inlay Techniques
1:39:41 $98.50 Buy Chapter
Introduction 1:51
Lesson 1: The project 1:30
Lesson 2: Design 17:45
Lesson 3: Working with the design 10:54
Lesson 4: Cutting the material 13:23
Lesson 5: Assembling the pieces 8:01
Lesson 6: Preparing to route 8:38
Lesson 7: Routng the cavities 8:32
Lesson 8: Inserting the pieces 9:48
Lesson 9: Leveling 8:54
Lesson 10: Fret slots 7:24
Conclusion 3:01
Chapter 3 • Advanced Inlay Techniques
3:57:40 $120.50 Buy Chapter
Introduction 1:51
Lesson 1: The project 4:24
Lesson 2: Rosette design 10:01
Lesson 3: Working with the design 7:37
Lesson 4: Choosing the materials 3:48
Lesson 5: Cutting the materials 16:04
Lesson 6: Routing the cavities 6:48
Lesson 7: Installing and gluing 5:52
Lesson 8: Leveling 7:02
Lesson 9: The bridge - Design and materials 5:13
Lesson 10: Assembling and routing 5:33
Lesson 11: Gluing and leveling 4:20
Lesson 12: Finishing touches 7:00
Lesson 13: The Peghead 19:41
Lesson 14: Fingerboard design 24:41
Lesson 15: Choosing the materials 16:06
Lesson 16: Cutting the materials 12:29
Lesson 17: Assembling 13:16
Lesson 18: Preparing to route 11:21
Lesson 19: Routing the cavities 12:21
Lesson 20: Fitting and gluing 9:33
Lesson 21: Leveling 9:41
Lesson 22: Filling 4:04
Lesson 23: Engraving 8:48
Lesson 24: Finishing touches 10:06