Leveling, Wet sanding and Buffing made Simple

In this course, finishing guru, Jeff Jewitt of Homestead Finishing Products, shows the techniques he uses when leveling, wet sanding and buffing out a finishes to get professional quality results. Jeff literally wrote the book on all things finishing related and offers many tips in this course.

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About This Course

Welcome to the Robert O’Brien Online Leveling, Wet Sanding and Buffing Made Simple Course. This course, filmed and presented by Jeff Jewitt of Homestead Finishing Products, will teach you everything you need to know to get professional results when leveling and buffing finishes to high gloss, semi-gloss or satin on a buffing wheel or by hand. Jeff literally wrote the book on all things finishing related and in this video course shares his knowledge and experience on how to master the leveling and rubbing out process for a variety of finish types. Everything from what to do after the final topcoats of finish have been applied, to putting the finished guitar into the case is addressed in great detail.

Finishing has always been a tedious process for luthiers. Getting the finish on the instrument is only half the battle. What you do with it after it is applied is just as important and Jeff shows us how to do it right and achieve professional results every time. The course was filmed in High Definition and contains 5 hours of quality video instructions with all the ins and outs of how to level and buff a finish.

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It has never been easier to learn how to do a professionally rubbed out finish. Happy Finishing!

I wanted to compliment you on the last few courses that I purchased online. Jeff's latest level sanding and Bashkin's fretwork. These were top notch productions and very informative. Peter
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I just finished going through this course the first time yesterday and highly recommend it to anyone looking to up their finishing game. The techniques Jeff demonstrates, and as importantly, the materials used, really fill a lot of gaps in my understanding of getting a great looking finish. I particularly appreciate the section on using hand tools in final buffing as not everyone has a buffing wheel setup. The explanation and deep dives into approach and materials is really well done, efficient, and I'm looking forward to using these techniques on the current build. Great job, Jeff and thanks Robbie for bringing this out. Peter
Lot's of great tips and I learned a lot of cool things that I will be implementing. Thanks Jeff and Robbie. David
"At Luthiers Mercantile, we talk with beginning luthiers all the time. Nothing vexes them more than the final sanding and buffing process. Jewitt's course is a godsend. I can't imagine that there is anyone, beginner or a seasoned pro, who will not learn something valuable from this course. Not only is Jeff Jewitt a renowned finishing expert, but he is also a skilled and meticulous teacher. Who doesn't want a step-by-step path to a perfect finish? What a gift this course is!!" Chris - LMI
I wanted to compliment you on the last few courses that I purchased online. Jeff's latest level sanding and Bashkin's fretwork. These were top notch productions and very informative. Peter
Wow, Just applied what I learned in Jeff's Leveling, Wet sanding, Buffing course. I used the abrasives he recommended. The 5000 grit I could stop there and not buff and it would look great! These abrasives he recommends yielded far better results than my previous methods. If you do not have this course it is highly recommended. Thanks for making this available Robbie. I'll be buffing in the morning. So far I am totally blown away by the results. My finishing is now at a new level of excellence thanks to Jeff! David
It is fantastic. Got great results! Highly recommended. Dave
Just bought this class and am about half way through. Very interesting and a lot of great info. Sean
Best results I've ever had and I am very thankful for Jeff's course. These abrasives are amazing and I only ended up on the wheel for a fraction of the time. David
I have gotten a whole lot of value from buying products and information from these two fine folks (Jeff and Robbie). Don
Great info and well-laid out technique Peter
I took the online course on Leveling, Wet Sanding and Buffing with Jeff Jewitt. I appreciated that he thoroughly covered his techniques but also demonstrated alternatives for builders how have different tooling or use different finishes. I have incorporated many of his recommendations and have found them useful. John
Thanks Jeff, Your course totally upped my game on finishing. I spend 80% or more less time on my buffer. It is amazing the results I am now getting. Dave
I have purchased your courses on wet sanding and buffing with Jeff Jewitt, as well as the Trevor Gore videos on resonance testing. Thank you! They were both excellent and well worth the cash. Aaron
Jeff has a no-nonsense, precise way of presenting different techniques, materials and tools for accomplishing the finishing process. For me these courses are a bargain. When you are ready, I can recommend them. Thanks, Jeff! Steve
Chapter 1 • Getting Started
Course Introduction 8:42
Introduction 2:25
Lesson 1: Level sanding neck 14:27
Lesson 2: Level body - sides 10:55
Lesson 3: Level sanding top 4:11
Lesson 4: Fixing problems 6:11
Chapter 2 • Wet Sanding
Introduction 3:43
Lesson 1: Explain materials 5:27
Lesson 2: Preparing to wet sand 4:01
Lesson 3: Wet sanding neck 6:32
Lesson 4: Wet sanding the body P1000 18:58
Lesson 5: Wet sanding P1200 and P1500 16:31
Lesson 6: Wet sanding P2000 9:35
Lesson 7: Trizact 12:32
Lesson 8: Alternative products 3:54
Chapter 3 • Buffing
Introduction 8:47
Lesson 1: Polishing by hand 11:41
Lesson 2: Pedestal buffer overview 9:34
Lesson 3: Shop fox buffer 10:21
Lesson 4: Stewmac buffer 4:20
Lesson 5: Preparing to buff and basics 14:22
Lesson 6: Buffing the neck 11:36
Lesson 7: Buffing the body - Part 1 24:41
Lesson 8: Buffing the body - Part 2 21:53
Lesson 9: Buffing the assembled guitar 8:13
Lesson 10: Fixing problems 11:47
Lesson 11: Buffer care & maintenance 5:25
Chapter 4 • Alternative Techniques and Sheens
Introduction 10:53
Lesson 1: Wet sanded satin 3:52
Lesson 2: Buffed semi-gloss 6:30
Lesson 3: Hand rubbed satin 8:39
Lesson 4: Conclusion 5:42