Refinishing an Instrument

Should I re-finish my instrument? This course will help you decide this question and then show how to remove and apply a new finish.

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About This Course

Welcome to the Robert O’Brien Re-Finishing An Instrument Course. This course, presented by Robert O'Brien of O'Brien Guitars, helps you decide when it is appropriate to refinish an instrument. In most cases you do not want to do this. However, there are some cases when a complete re-finish is an option. If you choose to re-finish your instrument, you need to know the pros and cons of this choice. You then need to know how to remove the finish, do the surface prep and apply a new finish. This course shows you how.

In this course Robert includes three lessons from Chapter 7 of his Repair and Restoration Course, as well as previously unreleased video footage, that show a complete re-finish on a classical guitar built by three Italian brothers that lived in Uruguay in the 1960's. The finish applied to both instruments presented in the course was shellac. However, all of the information in the course is valid for any type of finish product you choose to apply to the instrument and there are several other courses available at the Lutherie Academy that show how to apply almost any type of finish. The focus of this course is how to determine if you should refinish your instrument, how to remove the existing finish, surface prep and then how to apply a shellac finish. The course was filmed in High Definition and contains over 1.5 hours of quality video instructions with all the ins and outs of how to do a professional re-finish on an instrument.

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It has never been easier to learn how to do refinish an instrument. Happy Finishing!

Fully worth it! Nikolas
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Fully worth it! Nikolas
I enjoyed the videos and appreciate the advice you share, humor too. The finish looked amazing on both guitars too. Dermot
Thank you for the work you do. I am working through your guitar building course and enjoy your teaching style very much. Bill
Chapter 1 • Part I
Introduction 2:25
Lesson 1: Should I re-finish 5:29
Lesson 2: Removing the old finish 13:37
Lesson 3: Removing the old finish - Cont. 24:48
Lesson 4: The finished guitar 1:11
Chapter 2 • Part II
Lesson 1: Should I re-finish 3:51
Lesson 2: Surface prep 12:58
Lesson 3: Applying shellac 27:30