Setup and Repair with Greg Maxwell

In this course, Luthier Greg Maxwell of Dogwood Guitars, shows how to expertly setup and repair a variety of instruments. This is a great way to get started with setups and repairs and turn your hobby into a profession.

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About This Course

I am always looking for luthiers that have distinguished themselves as not only top notched luthiers but also those that are good at passing on their knowledge and experience to others. One such luthier is Greg Maxwell of Dogwood Guitars. Recently I invited Greg to document some of the most common repairs he sees in his shop and make these videos available to others. In his setup and repair course he offers straightforward instruction on some of the most common issues facing repair shops, from setups to complete restorations.

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Greg’s setup and repair video series is absolutely first class. The tutorials are clear and the workmanship Greg displays is evident in each move about his workshop. Highly recommend for anyone who will ever consider working on a guitar. Aaron
Chapter 1 • Guitars and Humidity
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Introduction 2:55
Complete Lesson 33:19
Chapter 2 • Installing strings the correct way
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Complete Lesson 22:46
Chapter 3 • Debunking Common Stringing Myths
Complete Lesson 22:37
Chapter 4 • Soldering Techniques
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Complete Lesson 16:18
Chapter 5 • String Buzz
Complete Lesson 12:04
Chapter 6 • Making a Bone Nut
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Complete Lesson 57:34
Chapter 7 • Making a Bone Saddle
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Complete Lesson 36:18
Chapter 8 • Reset Holes
Complete Lesson 11:17
Chapter 9 • Bridge Gluing
Complete Lesson 32:45
Chapter 10 • Setting Up a Les Paul
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Complete Lesson 44:49
Chapter 11 • J-45 Setup
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Complete Lesson 41:00
Chapter 12 • Gibson L4 Restoration
Complete Lesson 1:09:00
Chapter 13 • Epiphone Refret
Complete Lesson 1:17:13
Chapter 14 • Floyd Rose Setup
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Complete Lesson 33:51
Chapter 15 • LR Baggs Pickup Installation
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Complete Lesson 52:32
Chapter 16 • 1962 Gibson SJ Restoration
Complete Lesson 1:15:52
Chapter 17 • Shop Tour
Complete Lesson 11:49