Rosette Making

Making a classical guitar rosette is a work of art and an opportunity for luthiers to show off their skills. In this course luthier, Bill Nesse, shows you all the steps needed to make a classical style tile rosette as well as bindings and purflings.

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Traditional classical guitar rosette making is an art that has been passed down from artisan to artisan for centuries. However, until now there has been very little information available about how to produce these beautiful works of art. Recently I asked luthier Bill Nesse to share his knowledge of rosette making with my guitar building students. The result was a classical guitar rosette making master class taught by Bill over the course of four weeks. Students learned how to design, make and install the rosettes. Everything from tools and materials and how to use them to execute a final product was addressed in great detail. I videoed this master class and am making it available to anyone who has ever wanted to learn the art of rosette making.

The course is very detailed with over 4 hours and 25 lessons of high quality video instruction. Bill shows everything you need to know to make a fine classical guitar rosette. Many of the techniques taught here can also be used to make steel string rosettes and purflings as well.

Please read the FAQ page before beginning. To begin just register/login and purchase the video lessons.

I hope you enjoy the course and the information made available here.

I purchased the rosette making course and just want to say it’s very good thank you. Yvo - Netherlands
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I love the course. Really amazing! Jonathan
Rosette making video by Bill Nesse is life changing very valuable to me. Prashant
I just completed watching the Rosette Making course. I really enjoyed watching and learning how to make a Rosette, and I look forward to designing and making some logs. Raul
I have been watching your rosette making course. It is exactly what I was looking for! Fraser
I purchased the rosette making course and just want to say it’s very good thank you. Yvo - Netherlands
Rosette Making
Rosette making Intro 5:16
Lesson 1: Materials 15:36
Lesson 2: Using the veneer thicknesser 4:24
Lesson 3: Designing the rosette 11:49
Lesson 4: The veneer strips 12:41
Lesson 5: Tile design 6:49
Lesson 6: Veneer thicknessing explanation 6:22
Lesson 7: Gluing the veneer strips 10:59
Lesson 8: Slicing the columns 8:11
Lesson 9: More design comments 4:51
Lesson 10: Thicknessing the slices 3:25
Lesson 11: Gluing the slices 6:51
Lesson 12: Herringbone and rope patterns explained 14:25
Lesson 13: Gluing strips for the herringbone and rope patterns 7:59
Lesson 14: Making the tile log 15:36
Lesson 15: Q&A 11:31
Lesson 16: Purflings 22:25
Lesson 17: Cutting and thicknessing purflings 5:39
Lesson 18: Herringbone and wheat motifs 6:20
Lesson 19: Inlaying rings explained 11:35
Lesson 20: Cutting the rosette channel 10:55
Lesson 21: Inlaying part I 9:13
Lesson 22: Inlayng tiles explanation 4:40
Lesson 23: Progress check 8:13
Lesson 24: Inlaying part II 18:24
Lesson 25: Final Critique 12:44