Semi-Hollow Body Guitar

Learn how to make a semi hollow body electric guitar with Brazilian luthier, João Cassias. This is a fun project loosely based on an iconic American thin body electric guitar design that offers the warmth of a hollow body and the growl of a solid body.

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About This Course

Welcome to the semi hollow body electric guitar building course presented by Brazilian Luthier, João Cassias. This is a fun project loosely based on the iconic Gibson 335 design with creative liberties by João. It doesn’t take a lot of tools, materials or experience to build this guitar and it can be completed in a short amount of time. Join in the fun as João shows you all the steps to build your own semi hollow body electric guitar, with added tips and tricks he has learned over his more than 25 year career as a luthier. A material list and detailed plans accompany the course. Building one of these guitars is like eating potato chips. You can’t stop at just one!

This guitar is great for rock, blues or any style that inspires you.

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I bought the semi-hollow body series which is great. Phil
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What a great course! This is exactly what I have been looking for! Thanks. Tim
I just bought the Semi Hollow guitar course, I really like the way this guitar looks. I started watching the course it’s Great.. Very straight forward, I cannot wait to build this guitar.. This is my 4th course I purchased from Luthier Academy. Thanks again! Scott
I bought the semi-hollow body series which is great. Phil
“There’s a great flow and organization to this course. This is a great training series with something to offer both seasoned and new builders. I’m really enjoying it!” Michael Whitney - Whitney Guitars and Lutherie School
The plans for this course are excellent! Definitely made for luthiers! Ramon
Chapter 1 • The Body
Lesson 1: Intro 2:57
Lesson 2: Materials 4:28
Lesson 3: Joining the top and back 13:32
Lesson 4: The building mold 5:36
Lesson 5: Bending the sides 17:49
Lesson 6: The center block 15:10
Lesson 7: The output jack block 4:47
Lesson 8: Kerfing 3:34
Lesson 9: Gluing the top and back to the body 15:52
Lesson 10: Flush trimming the top and back 4:21
Lesson 11: Laying out pickup cavities and neck pocket 4:07
Lesson 12: Cutting out the neck pocket 11:11
Lesson 13: Cutting out the pickup cavities 9:18
Lesson 14: The S holes 9:28
Lesson 15: Binding channels 12:32
Lesson 16: Installing the bindings 23:49
Lesson 17: Electronic control holes 8:12
Lesson 18: Body finish prep 9:30
Chapter 2 • The Neck
Lesson 1: Neck materials 6:02
Lesson 2: Cutting out the neck 9:53
Lesson 3: Truss rod slot 14:52
Lesson 4: Headstock ears 17:09
Lesson 5: Trimming headstock veneer 7:55
Lesson 6: Truss rod access cavity 3:58
Lesson 7: Thicknessing the headstock 8:45
Lesson 8: Headstock shape and tuner holes 15:00
Lesson 9: Binding the headstock 22:19
Lesson 10: Headstock inlay 16:13
Lesson 11: Truss rod spline 5:59
Lesson 12: Slotting the fretboard 4:29
Lesson 13: Tapering the fretboard 9:36
Lesson 14: Binding the fretboard 12:29
Lesson 15: Fret markers 7:18
Lesson 16: Gluing the fretboard to the neck 7:07
Lesson 17: Flush trimming the fretboard 12:52
Lesson 18: Pre-fitting the neck 6:41
Lesson 19: Neck shaping 25:59
Lesson 20: Fretboard radius 4:20
Lesson 21: Side dots 5:46
Lesson 22: Installing frets 22:29
Lesson 23: Sanding the neck 1:38
Lesson 24: Fitting the neck 18:25
Chapter 3 • The Finish
Lesson 1: Surface prep 15:03
Lesson 2: Applying the seal coats 4:29
Lesson 3: Masking the guitar 7:43
Lesson 4: Adding color 16:12
Lesson 5: Scraping the bindings after spraying 13:45
Lesson 6: Spraying clear topcoats 1:22
Lesson 7: Leveling and buffing 23:28
Chapter 4 • Assembly
Lesson 1: Removing tape 12:13
Lesson 2: Fretwork 19:36
Lesson 3: Electronic holes 2:51
Lesson 4: Wiring 3:07
Lesson 5: Pickup mounting rings 5:40
Lesson 6: The bridge location 7:32
Lesson 7: The tailpiece and electrosocket 4:48
Lesson 8: The tuners 4:24
Lesson 9: The strap button 2:15
Lesson 10: Pickup installation 15:21
Lesson 11: Bridge posts 1:55
Lesson 12: The nut 16:08
Lesson 13: Truss rod cover 1:36
Lesson 14: Final details before strings 1:37
Lesson 15: Strings 3:51
Lesson 16: Setup 9:15
Bloopers 5:18