Spray Finishing with Robert O'Brien

Achieving a professional quality high gloss lacquer finish is imperative if you build or repair guitars. In this course Robert shows you his technique for applying this type finish.

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About This Course

Welcome to the Robert O’Brien Online Spray Finishing Course. This course is chapter 11 of Robert O’Brien’s Online Acoustic Guitar Building Course. You can purchase the entire online acoustic guitar building course which includes this chapter or you can purchase just this chapter separately here.

Modern day high gloss finishes have become the norm for most acoustic guitars. However, achieving a high gloss finish can be quite a task! In this course Robert not only shows you how to achieve a mirror high gloss lacquer finish but also how to prepare the surface so that you are guaranteed a great finish every time!

In this 3 hour and 15 minute long course you will learn about:

Save yourself time, money and frustration! Learn high gloss spray finishing and how to achieve a mirror finish on your guitar!

I’ve been subscribed to your channel for a while and just wanted to send a thank you. I just finished building my first guitar and a number of your videos were a huge help in getting it all done. In particular, the spraying and finishing videos I watched several times and in the end I got a great finish. So thank you! Mike
Spray Finishing with Robert O'Brien
Lesson 1: Finish Overview 2:56
Lesson 2: Rounding the Bindings 4:11
Lesson 3: Gap Filling 1:20
Lesson 4: Sanding the Neck 8:37
Lesson 5: Sanding the Body 8:35
Lesson 6: Masking for Bridge 7:40
Lesson 7: Pore Filling Prep 9:38
Lesson 8: Pore Filling 19:06
Lesson 9: Masking the Fretboard 5:36
Lesson 10: Spray Equipment 5:55
Lesson 11: Spraying Sealer 10:05
Lesson 12: Spraying Explanation 5:15
Lesson 13: Sanding the Sealer 19:36
Lesson 14: Spraying Lacquer 12:14
Lesson 15: Sanding the Lacquer 18:58
Lesson 16: Final Spraying 7:38
Lesson 17: Leveling the Finish 24:45
Lesson 18: Buffing the Finish 22:05
Lesson 19: Satin Finish 3:51
Lesson 20: Finishing Conclusion 2:32