Sunbursts Made Simple with Jeff Jewitt

In this course, finishing guru, Jeff Jewitt of Homestead Finishing Products, shows how he gets the same professional quality high Sunburst finishes that factories use on their instruments. Jeff literally wrote the book on finishing and offers many tips in this course for doing a professional sunburst finish on both acoustic and electric instruments.

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About This Course

Welcome to the Robert O’Brien Online Sunbursts Made Simple Course. This course, filmed and presented by Jeff Jewitt of Homestead Finishing Products, will teach you everything you need to know to do a professional sunburst finish on both acoustic and electric instruments. In the video course Jeff demonstrates how to do sunburst finishes by hand as well as with a spray gun. You will learn much more than just about sunbursts. The lessons on surface prep, types of tape suitable for masking, color matching and repair, and spray techniques are worth more than the price of the entire course and can be applied to any type of finish work.

Jeff literally wrote the book on all things finishing and in this video course shares his knowledge and experience on how to master the techniques for achieving professional looking sunburst finishes. Follow along as Jeff demystifies the entire sunburst process making it much easier for you to achieve the same high quality results as factories. The course was filmed in High Definition and contains 7.5 hours of quality video instructions with all the ins and outs of how to do a professional hand applied or sprayed sunburst finish.

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It has never been easier to learn how to do a professional quality sunburst. Happy Sunbursting!

I have been enjoying the sunburst finish course! Darrin
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To add to the 27 courses I have already purchased I just paid for Sunbursts Made Simple with Jeff Jewitt Course. And they are all excellent - thank you. Alan in the UK
Thanks Jeff! Your sunburst class is my go-to for all things nitro. Translates into many other finishes too, section on tape is worth the price of admission. R Eliot
Jeff has a no-nonsense, precise way of presenting different techniques, materials and tools for accomplishing the finishing process. For me these courses are a bargain. When you are ready, I can recommend them. Thanks, Jeff! Steve
My first Mandolin. This instrument was brought to me by a customer whose father had brought it with him when he emigrated to this country from Italy in 1911. It was in pretty rough shape and I was excited to take on the challenge of bringing it back to life. It was also my first attempt at a Sunburst finish and I’m pleased with the outcome. I would like to say a special thank you to Robbie O'Brien for his online course for Mandolin building I referred to it a lot, and to Jeff Jewitt and his online course for Sunburst finishes. Both course can be purchased on Robbie O’Brien’s Website they are easy to follow and excellently presented! Robbie Kilchenstein
I have gotten a whole lot of value from buying products and information from these two fine folks (Jeff and Robbie). Don
I have been enjoying the sunburst finish course! Darrin
I’m already into it and loving it. Walt
Great guy , and as it happens I just tried to finish an acoustic guitar and messed it up terribly so great insight and lesson on finishing , thanks! Kevin
Excellent Jeff!! Instagram
What a gift! From the master! Instagram
Chapter 1 • Getting Started
Lesson 1: Rosettes and such 7:18
Lesson 2: Surface prep, sanding etc 12:56
Lesson 3: Tape, holders and colors 7:43
Chapter 2 • The Hand Applied Sunburst
Lesson 1: Intro and taping the top 7:03
Lesson 2: Applying paste filler 5:44
Lesson 3: Sanding filler, final seal and tape removal 7:25
Lesson 4: Materials for a HA burst 6:16
Lesson 5: The practice burst 28:42
Lesson 6: Preparing the guitar body 6:51
Lesson 7: Applying the sunburst to guitar 20:45
Lesson 8: Scraping and preparing to finish 9:41
Chapter 3 • Sprayed Sunburst Basics
Introduction 4:46
Lesson 1: Prepping the guitar 4:56
Lesson 2: Tapes and taping 30:08
Lesson 3: Mixing the colors 19:03
Lesson 4: Spray guns 17:36
Lesson 5: Sunburst spray techniques 10:58
Chapter 4 • Acoustic Guitar Sunbursts
Lesson 1: Practice acoustic sunburst 15:00
Lesson 2: Sprayed sunburst 17:24
Lesson 3: Vintage sunburst 9:57
Lesson 4: Spraying a sunburst on bare wood 9:51
Lesson 5: Removing tape, clean up and sealing 14:05
Lesson 6: Using a scraper on bindings 3:41
Chapter 5 • Electric Guitar Sunbursts
Introduction 2:55
Lesson 1: Sanding and sealing 5:25
Lesson 2: Tobacco burst introduction 2:13
Lesson 3: Spray techniques for tobacco and others 19:34
Lesson 4: Tobacco burst on Alder Strat 18:48
Lesson 5: Color basics 8:39
Lesson 6: Strat ash fire burst 19:01
Chapter 6 • Using Sunburst Techniques for Other Effects
Introduction 2:33
Lesson 1: Prep work 4:49
Lesson 2: Toning and shading 16:00
Lesson 3: Ebonizing 10:48
Chapter 7 • Finishing Up
Introduction 1:19
Lesson 1: The acoustics 15:59
Lesson 2: Finishing the electrics 7:14
Final thoughts 4:06
Credits 2:27