Luthier Tips du Jour - Season 2

This very popular video series has helped countless luthiers and woodworkers all over the world! Season 2 is now available for viewing before they are released to the general public. Purchase them before they are released and make them a part of your lutherie library.

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About This Course

In 2007 Robert produced the first Luthier Tips du Jour video. Since then hundreds and hundreds of "Tips" have been presented in the series and the videos have received over 10.7 million views on Youtube. In 2018 Robert made available the original series, the current Luthier Tips du Jour Mailbag series as well as a bunch of unreleased episodes. These unreleased Luthier Tips du Jour Mailbag videos were slowly released to the general public at the rate of one video about every four weeks. At this pace it took five years to make them all available for viewing. He is now offering Luthier Tips du Jour Season 2. It contains 50 unreleased videos. These videos will slowly be released to the general public over the next 5 years. However, you can purchase and view them now before they are made public! Why wait to benefit from all the great information presented by Robert in his popular Luthier Tips du Jour Videos! Make them a part of your lutherie library.

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Your tip video on installing reverse kerfing is outstanding and easy to follow. Clyde
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Your courses and Tips de Jour videos have been a great help, and my guitars have improved considerably. John
Your tip video on installing reverse kerfing is outstanding and easy to follow. Clyde
The way you deliver your videos is superb. Very clear, straightforward and easy to understand. Well done. Anthony in the UK
Luthier Tips du Jour - Season 2
Filling gaps on fret ends 2:43
CA glue catalyst - water 3:19
Repairing a water based finish 4:06
Bridge removal 3:55
Bending a cutaway side by hand 9:29
Three piece back 8:48
Chipped ebony repair 3:09
Keeping blocks aligned while gluing 2:17
Broom and dustpan storage solution 1:25
Fixing tuner hole blowout 2:34
Symptoms of lack of humidity 2:44
How to diagnose and fix loose frets 5:58
Removing tape without chipping the finish 4:42
Kerfing 2:47
Power sanding the finish 3:32
Avoiding finish chipping when installing tuners 2:24
Removing fine scratches 2:21
Installing tuner screws 2:19
Buzzing at the nut 2:53
Bridge hole slots 3:09
Bridge pin taper 2:45
How to install a pickguard 2:38
How much humidity is enough 3:30
Neck angle jig - M&T don’t fit 1:39
Pore filling during French polish application 3:03
Recommended tool list 2:13
Broken end block repair 3:25
Soundboard crack repair 5:16
French polish finish repair 3:19
How to clean a guitar 4:52
How to remove humidity from a lacquer finish 2:01
Reaching inside a guitar 2:24
Making a new nut 5:36
LMI articulated clamp 1:43
Making a scarf joint 3:25
Fixing dents in a soundboard 4:56
Soundhole size 2:01
3 or 4 back braces 2:08
How to make quartersawn bracewood 3:42
6, 12, or 18 hole classical bridge 5:11
How to wind strings on Flamenco pegs 3:03
Double purflings on your bindings 4:53
How to resaw lumber 9:53
Which glue for making rosettes 3:38
What is a safe edge file? 1:53
Tru oil for a neck finish 2:13
Converting fluorescent shop lights to LED 5:08
Rocklite Ebono 1:24
Repairing a chipped fretboard 2:52
Repairing a cracked guitar back 4:48