Venetian Cutaway Construction

Adding this stunning feature to your guitars is your chance to take your building to the next level. This course, intended as a supplement to Robert's acoustic and classical guitar construction courses, shows you how to design and execute the Venetian cutaway.

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About This Course

Welcome to the Robert O’Brien Online Venetian Cutaway Guitar Building Course. This course is meant to be a supplement to his Online Acoustic Guitar Building Course. Here Robert shows how to design and build the cutaway portion of a Venetian cutaway guitar. This course was filmed in High Definition and contains over an hour and forty five minutes of quality video instruction with all the ins and outs of Venetian Cutaway guitar construction.

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It has never been easier to learn the art of cutaway guitar construction. Happy Building!

A year ago I purchased your Venetian cutaway course and it to was Awesome. Thanks for what you do! Donnie
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Venetian Cutaway Course- It's fantastic and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to know how to add this feature Todd
I purchased Robbie's Arm Bevel course for the arm bevel and cutaway. It's a fantastic course and really explains the how to in great detail. Todd
A year ago I purchased your Venetian cutaway course and it to was Awesome. Thanks for what you do! Donnie
Putting tru-oil finish on my 1st Cutaway your online course was a huge help. Thanks,Robert!! Donnie
I'm loving your cutaway video, I made it past a couple tricky points and your info was priceless the little tips like ,extra notches in the walnut kerfing I made and the slight angle on the neck block would be easily missed by a newbie. Donnie
I recently purchased your online course for Venetian cutaway. I am absolutely loving it. I am a cabinet furniture maker by trade but have built 8 guitars as a hobby and have decided to do a OM cutaway, this is great help! Donnie
I have watched your video series several times on building a Venetian cutaway. I think it is very well done and I have profited from it. Joe
I am in the process of building a Venetian cutaway, and I have just finished watching (and enjoying) your video course on Venetian cutaways. I thought it was quite well done, and I am glad I bought it; well worth the money. Joe
Robbie, I have your Venetian Cutaway Construction online course and it's great! Packed with lot of information that really helped me successfully bend my first set of cutaway sides and binding! Thanks! Steve J
Venetian Cutaway Construction
Intro 3:14
Lesson 1: Design 2:06
Lesson 2: Types of Molds 3:39
Lesson 3: Methods of Bending 4:09
Lesson 4: Side Prep 3:13
Lesson 5: Tips for Bending 2:59
Lesson 6: Bending 12:37
Lesson 7: Heel Block Design 5:37
Lesson 8: Gluing the Sides to the Block 7:59
Lesson 9: Victory Lap and More 1:30
Lesson 10: Bracing Ideas 3:18
Lesson 11: Binding Channels 9:07
Lesson 12: Installing Top Bindings 14:13
Lesson 13: Installing Back Bindings 15:27
Lesson 14: More Binding 10:00
Lesson 15: Scraping 2:11
Lesson 16: The Neck 6:19
Conclusion 3:22