Denny Brown

Denny Brown took every class I offered over a period of several years. Later he became one of my teaching assistants and eventually wrote interactive construction manuals that follow my classical and steel string online courses. These very detailed manuals were meant to serve as aids to those taking my courses and were sold to those interested in enhancing their experience while following my video lessons. I allowed Denny to sell these through my website for a time. Recently Denny passed away suddenly while taking a morning walk on a trail near his home in Boulder, Co. In an effort to continue his legacy and with his family’s permission, I am now making these manuals available to all as a free download.

Denny was passionate about many things in life and one of them was guitar building and helping others in that pursuit. As Denny’s gift to the world please enjoy his manuals as you strive to make the best guitar you can make.

To download Denny’s manuals for free, please click the button below. You’ll receive the download links by email and you will also be subscribed to the O’Brien Guitars Newsletter.

You are not forgotten Denny!