Books by Nigel Forster

Ever thought of making a living at lutherie?
Are you already a luthier and having trouble making a decent living?
Need to know how to market yourself better?

There is a lot of information available about how to build an instrument but not much available about how to make a living doing it. Friend and fellow luthier, Nigel Forster, has written some ebooks on the subject Nigel addresses topics and gives advice that every craftsman can benefit from. I wish this information had been available when I took the plunge from amateur to full time luthier.

With Nigel's ebooks, I am sure you will learn a lot about turning your passion into a profession and how to be successful in doing so.

Here are some of the things you will learn from Nigel's books:

Making a living in lutherie: from amateur to professional

A practical guide to running your own shop, a guide to dealing with some of the common pitfalls that beset luthiers.

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Making a living in lutherie: money and marketing

This book follows on from "Making a living in lutherie: from amateur to professional". Once again, this is not a woodworking book, but rather an ebook about running your business.

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The Luthier Blog ebook

For just over a year I published a blog for instrument makers called The luthier blog. This ebook is most of the contents of that blog, rolled into one big ebook.

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Viviendo de la lutheria: De amateur a profesional

Spanish translation by Lew Malizia

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