Soundboard Voicing: Classical and Steel String

In 2023 this class will be taught online. March 5, 12 and 19. This is the Holy Grail of guitar building! In this class you will thickness, brace and voice a soundboard with Robert. This can then be taken to your shop and used as a reference for future soundboards or you can use it on a guitar. Learn about the optimum thickness for the species of wood you are using, what a loose or stiff top is, different radii and how they affect tone and structural integrity, bracing patterns, how to thickness soundboards with hand tools, how to select tonewood, and much much more!

This class is administered online on the dates mentioned above at 8:00AM MT. (10AM Eastern and 7AM Pacific). Each class session is about 2 - 3 hours. Students must have a computer with camera and mic to participate. At the end of the online class students will have the option of sending their tops to Robert for further critique. Please contact for more info.


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