Acoustic Guitar Building

Ever want to learn how to build your own acoustic guitar? Or are you a luthier wanting to improve your skills? This course offers instruction for the beginner to advanced builder.

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About This Course

Welcome to the Robert O’Brien Online Acoustic Guitar Building Course. In this course Robert shows how to build a steel string guitar. With over 25 hours of high quality video and audio instruction divided into 15 chapters, this course provides detailed information about every step in the guitar building and finishing process. The finishing chapter very thoroughly covers how to apply a traditional high gloss lacquer finish. In the course he builds an OM model guitar but the information can also be used to build other guitar models.

If you purchase the entire course you get a special bonus. You get a free copy of the professionally drawn plans for the neck angle jig Robert uses in the course, a $20 value. You also become eligible to join Robert’s invitation only chat group. Here he offers advice and support as you build. There is a wealth of information available to you for free!

If you have ever wanted to learn how to build your own high end steel string acoustic guitar then Robert’s Online Acoustic Guitar Building Course is a must!

Please read the FAQ page before beginning. To begin, just register/login and purchase the video lessons.

It has never been easier to learn the art of guitar building.

Happy Building!

Construction Notes for Steel String Guitar

An in-depth, step by step, handbook designed as a companion to my “Online Acoustic Guitar Building Course”. It has over 250 pages of detailed instructions and each chapter contains hyperlinks to all of the lessons in my online course as well as links to my free YouTube “Luthier Tips du Jour” instructional videos. Free to download.

I bought your online classes for acoustic and the french polish section from your classical video. I just finished my first guitar! Sitting down and playing a guitar I built from total scratch is a feeling unlike any other...I've been in the repair game for about a decade now, but am just getting into building, and wow! So fulfilling. Joseph
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I purchased your excellent video course on building an acoustic guitar and am in the middle of building 2 00's and one slope shouldered dread. You are a very good teacher. I purchased the archtop course as well. Jimmy
Robbie’s courses are excellent and well worth the investment, I have “both” of his steel string classes and both are great. To compliment the course the Voicing class is also excellent for getting the best out of the build. Bruce in Canada
I’m currently making a couple of L-00 copies with your online acoustic guitar course. My first flattops. Super course. Thank you for doing that. James
I would not start with a book at all, but with Robbie O’Brien’s acoustic guitar video course. For me that was money well spent and provided a level of success that encouraged me to move on to #2. Brad
I built mine (neck angle jig) using your plans. It's fantastic Jack
I bought your full online course from you some years ago, with the intent of studying your course and then making a trip to your shop there in Colorado to make my guitar. I loved taking your course and I felt like I learned so much from it. Chris
I bought your full online course from you some years ago, with the intent of studying your course and then making a trip to your shop there in Colorado to make my guitar. I loved taking your course and I felt like I learned so much from it. Chris
I purchased your steel-string lessons a couple of months ago and built my first guitar. I am a skilled woodworker with a nice shop, but all the fussy details from your instruction were invaluable. As they say, I couldn't have done this without you. Thank you! Bob
Here’s a few photos of my first guitar using just your online course. I certainly made some mistakes, but I’m very pleased. It sounds great. I look forward to building the next one. Bill
I just finished my first classical after years of steel strings. I decided on a dovetail joint using my trusty O'Brien neck jig, because that's what I know. It worked fine! Peter
Hi Robert, I am enrolled in the steel string course. I am really enjoying the course, I am proceeding at my own pace. Its a great way to learn. Arthur
Just wanted you to know, with the aid of your video's I have built 6 guitars. They have turned out quite good. Thank you for that. Patrick
I love your courses. I just retired and I am hoping to build my own acoustic guitar. I bought the full "Acoustic Guitar" course, and I am really enjoying the videos. Arthur
I just bought your "Acoustic Guitar" build course, and I am just getting into the videos. It so far looks exactly like what I hoped it would be - great information well presented. Arthur
I have just completed the neck building and carving portions of the above coarse and liked it so much that I actually would like to buy the whole course. Johann
Thank you for the work you do. I am working through your guitar building course and enjoy your teaching style very much. Bill
Your videos absolutely taught me how to do this and I'm coming up with a really nice guitar! Thank you so much. Thomas
Just wanted to thank you again for your video steel string course and personal emails. Your course is my daily companion these days as I build my first guitar. I'm learning woodworking and tools while following your instruction, so it's challenging but a wonderful experience. Michael
Robbie, thanks for access to your online acoustic course. I have downloaded a lot of your courses. This one is my most favorite yet. You cover so much information about the various techniques, tools etc., and also tell the student why what you are talking about matters, and how to know how to determine what is good/right etc. Loving this course. Thank you again. Rick
Going through the acoustic OM course - terrific!! Jeff
I bought the full building an acoustic guitar video series. I love it. He explains and demonstrates things clearly, including why things are done certain ways. And he throws in a bit of humor, too. Matt
Thanks to your online course I have built 3 acoustic guitars and I am excited to begin building a mando! Keep up the good work. Steve
 Thank you Robbie for your excellent lessons and getting me through my first build mostly unscathed as the OM acoustic turned out beautifully. Richard
I just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed your online guitar instructions. I’ve learned a lot from them and have built 25 acoustics so far. What a wonderful way to spend my retirement time. I’ve built guitars that sound and look incredible. Better than anything hanging in stores around here, thanks to you. You have added a wonderful addition to my life. Thanks again Larry
Just finished setting up my first guitar since our class in May. I followed your online course and with a little help from you to get the neck angle right, it’s finally done. About 4 months in the making. It sounds great and has excellent sustain. I simply can’t thank you enough for all your help!! Already thinking about my next one. Rodd
Because of your Acoustic Guitar Building and Steel String Guitar Voicing online classes, I am at a whole next level building. I feel confident when shaving off the excess to the bracings and why I'm doing it. After tapping the plates and listening for the sustain, I'm measuring the stiffness and looseness qualities. And it works. I can hear the difference that last extra shaving my chisel and Ibex removed from the X-brace and tone bar. I hear the UMFF factor. And I can't wait to hear the overall acoustic factor coming from this build. I will continue to watch the online courses I have purchase and follow you on social media. Thank you for who you are and what you do!!! Mario
I followed your online course and I could not be happier with the way it turned out. Thanks to you I was able to do it. Thanks for making it easy for me! Mike
Sure glad I bought your acoustic guitar making course. I’m on my 6th one and I still find myself referring back to it every time I’m scratching my head about something. Great job on it. Louis
You started the passion in me many years ago with your acoustic course and gees, did I ever evolve from there. Mike - Canada
Getting pumped to finally get there and build the guitar :) I have been watching the video course to get better prepared and just wanted to say “great job” on the video. It is easy to follow along and will help a lot with future builds. Chris
Just a quick one to let you know how much I'm enjoying following your steel string guitar making course video series that I purchased from your website. I'm new to woodworking and loving learning new skills with the hand planes, chisels and power tools. Thanks for being a great teacher! Michael
I've completed my first guitar build thanks to you! I used a combination of your website steel string guitar building chapters and Luthier Tips Du Jour videos. I can't thank you enough for the help. I'm really happy with the overall final product. I'm not much of a guitarist, only playing for about 2 years but I think the sound is really rich and resonates exceptionally well for a smaller bodied guitar. Thanks again and keep doing what you do. Thanks again. Ben from Port Elliot South Australia
I would like to thank you for your lessons, just finished my second steel string. Very happy with it, sounds great and it wouldn't be like this without your guidance! Dick
I purchased your steel string guitar voicing course, which I’ve found to be excellent! Adam
This is my first build. I bought a very detailed digital plan online and I was following someone else's online course, but it was not what I was looking for so I switched in the middle of the build. Robert’s course is exactly what I was looking for with detail on the guitar itself and how to make it sound great. After following Robert’s advise on loosening up a closed top, setting the bridge, bone, nut, and setup; I have what I think is a good looking and good sounding guitar. Thank you Robert for sharing your expertise, I will be following your course from the start on my next build and try to get closer to a GREAT guitar. Joel
A few builds down the line and I am still finding your course very helpful as a reference, also learned quite a few new tricks. Mo
I bought your online classes for acoustic and the french polish section from your classical video. I just finished my first guitar! Sitting down and playing a guitar I built from total scratch is a feeling unlike any other...I've been in the repair game for about a decade now, but am just getting into building, and wow! So fulfilling. Joseph
I wanted to send a quick note to let you know that I just completed my first guitar using your online course. I watched the course all the way through twice before starting my project. I then watched each chapter and lesson again, one by one, as I performed the steps alongside you. What's really special about this guitar is that I built it as a gift for my father. He has terminal cancer and I wanted him to have something enjoyable. I was in Utah visiting my family last week and was finally able to present this guitar to my dad. He was so excited and couldn't believe it! His fingers still remembered their way around the frets and he had a big smile on his face. Thanks again for the opportunity to "study" with you. Cameron
Your acoustic building course has proven to be very helpful. Nick
I just wanted to thank you for your exceptional courses and online videos. I got bit by the luthiery bug in grad school before I had the money or space to do any building... Your tips du jour videos were foundational for me then, especially in understanding the neck joint. I’m starting guitar number 3, this time with the Everett arm bevel video, and really can’t express how much this hobby has come to mean to me. Thanks for putting together such a rich library of resources. Sean
Thanks for your great videos. Just finishing my neck angle routing jig, the design is brilliant. I am building my two (yes, 2) first acoustic guitars and getting great help watching your videos. Using mostly hand tools at home workshop as all bigger workshops are closed due to the covid. Jani in Finland
Thanks Mr. O'Brien..... FYI, you are the best of the bunch that describe guitar building techniques. You are so explanatory, your personality is fun, thoughtful, and provoking and extremely educational. I have been around guitar making for a long long time and you are my favorite by far!!!! DR
Your French polishing course and acoustic building course have been fun and beneficial. I review them a lot. Bill
The instruction videos are great. It’s like having an instructor in the room, and before I do a step, I will review the video and it just makes sense. Mike
Thanks for your quick response. I signed up for your course a few days ago and have watched a number of the lessons. I took a few acoustic guitar making courses at Palomar College in the San Diego CA area and read a lot of books on lutherie. You are right in saying your course is the best content available. The video quality is fine and more than adequate. I am very glad I purchased your course and it is motivating me to finish a guitar that has been in the mold for the last few years, sides bent and rosewood aging. Thanks for being such a excellent resource for the building community! Bill
I met with you several weeks ago and ordered the video class for the om acoustic. I am through chapter 10 and am really enjoying the videos. Very professionally done. Larry
Thank you for all your high quality videos. I’ve built 2 OMs now using your Acoustic Guitar Building course, and have really enjoyed it. After I get a few more under my belt I hope to make it out to Colorado to build one with you. Jeremy
I really appreciate this online course….I use it frequently Skip
Just finished my first build following Robbie's online course! Doug
Your acoustic guitar making course was game changing for me! Until I got it I had made a couple of guitars using the Cumpiano and Natelson and some woodworking books. Having no previous experience in woodworking it was hard to figure things out but man, your course changed it all. Being able to watch somebody build a guitar and get a sense of the work was just incredible. I also found it very entertaining and engaging (please keep on with the jokes!). You are one of the best teachers and communicators out there without doubt. Francisco - Spain
The online class has been great. I am realizing how much wasn’t covered in the class I took for my first build. Tom
I have purchased both your classical guitar building course and your steel string course. I have built 4 classicals and 2 steel strings. As always your videos are great and serve as a wonderful guide through the whole process. Steven
recently purchased your online steel string build course and took your advice to watch it all the way through first. I'm about halfway through watching and have enjoyed it thoroughly. James
The good thing about Robbie’s course is it’s very thorough and he tries to show ways to do things with minimal tools where appropriate. Brad
I finished two walnut and spruce guitars for my 14 year old twins and have started two more guitars for my two other children. I can’t tell you haw critical your course was in the completion of the guitars. Keith
I am really getting a lot out of the lessons I've purchased so far. I am new to building acoustics. I have many years of experience and a great little repair shop. I am a student of (famous teacher's name removed). But you sir, are in my opinion, the best. Thank you for sharing your passion and for being so darn good at it. Rick
The good thing about Robbie’s course is it’s very thorough and he tries to show ways to do things with minimal tools where appropriate. Brad
I used your online steel string course to build my second guitar, and it came out great. Much better than my first, which I tried to do on my own. I appreciate your teaching style, and I got a lot out of the class. Now pardon me while I take a victory lap around the shop! Ron
Last fall I purchased your online steel string guitar course because I wanted to have a practical experience with the differences in structure and construction between classical and steel string instruments. I had already purchased your classical guitar online course and have built four classical instruments. I am a happy customer. Thanks for making these video courses. They are great! Steve
I built several arch top guitars following the online course. It was great instruction. Then, I purchased the acoustic guitar course. It, too has been great. I’m in the finishing phase now. Scott
Just built my 4,5,6 guitar. This time I tried a few new techniques. Arm bevel, venetian cutaway and florentine cutaway, laminated pegged (back and front).Your online resources are fantastic. Three years ago I would have never thought I could build a guitar. Thanks for your help! Kip
I started watching the videos already. I find them very interesting, especially the way you show several ways to do the same operation with less specialized equipment. Dan
I just started your video course. So far I like it a lot! You explain everything very well, and I can’t wait to get started. Charles
After doing your online course, I obtained plans for a Martin style dreadnought and went to work. I am very pleased with the resulting instrument. Lou
I've taken your online course and have much better knowledge & skills for it! (and 10 guitars) Bob
I purchased your online steel string course and have started construction on an OM kit from LMII – my first build. Thanks for putting this course together. Not sure how I could have pulled the trigger to start without your course and I’m already having a blast! Dewey
Really enjoyed Jay's OOOOOOOOOkulele course, and I also did Robbie’s acoustic course which was also excellent. Chris
I just purchased your acoustic guitar course. I tried to ignore it for months but I just had to do it. It's true - I'm a repeater having used your classical course a few years ago with a wonderful result. Bob
I just purchased your acoustic guitar course. I tried to ignore it for months but I just had to do it. It's true - I'm a repeater having used your classical course a few years ago with a wonderful result. Bob
You've gotten me thru my first guitar. I cant thank you enough Chris
I watched all of your fretting videos from the acoustic steel string course yesterday, and this morning I used the same techniques in fretting my tenor uke neck. Whew! You made it look easy. Tony
Awesome coarse! Steven
I recently finished building my guitar, using your course and other materials/ideas. I am very happy with the outcome - it sounds great! Thank you very much for the course - it was hard work, but your videos provided a LOT of good insight, experience, and teaching. Mike -
I purchased your online class back in December and have been going through it - well done course! Bruce
Congratulations Robbie, thank you for all that you do. early on in my career I built my first commission based on your videos. That guitar ended up being played by a Grammy award winning artist on the bbc stage. Behrad
So I found this new hobby and I love it. Built my first guitar last year and it turned out great. I just purchased your acoustic class, wonderful! Packed full of good info! Steven
I started building flat tops a few years ago. I learned so much from your videos and I want to thank you for sharing them! Jeff
Robbie's voicing chapter in the course really takes the mystery out of it, and gives some concrete steps to take as well as the more subjective ones. But I think I was really able to hear what he was describing and demonstrating in his tap tests. Mike
I have probably bought every book on the topics, and I do consult them, but your video course makes it impossible to misunderstand the steps! Mike
I just finished your Acoustic Guitar course and wanted to thank you for all the effort and experience you poured into the lessons. Because you anticipated many of the questions I would have, your relaxed approach to building, and of course your sense of humor, you gave me the confidence to push forward thru the tough times of the build. I finished the guitar by going through your Classical French Polish course and by following you exactly, the guitar couldn’t be more beautiful… and because you repeated the steps over and over and over and over, I will NEVER forget your French Polish technique. Thank you again for all your effort. Kelly Kelly
I bought your online acoustic guitar course and I am thrilled with your product. Mike
I bought your guitar building course over three years ago and it is an amazing course. I was able to build one OM and two Dreadnoughts. The last one sounded so good that I am selling my 1973 D-35 Martin. Jean-Marc - Quebec, Canada
Can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed the videos in the course. Very professionally done. John
I purchased your steel string instructional videos a little over a year ago and have been really enjoying them. I am about to complete my third “O’Brien build” and I couldn’t be more pleased. You are a gifted educator. Ed
I would like to thank you for your course.I have just finished a new guitar for my daughter. I follow all you courses and step and i didn’t get major problems. I would never thank you enough for all your videos. I spent almost a year and half, to watch your videos very often, and now all my family knows your voice, they are saying « say hello to Robert ! » Once again many thanks! Nicolas in Paris, France
Thanks so much for your inspiring acoustic steel string course. While I followed different plans and specs, I followed your course step-by-step and built it pretty much in line with your instructions. My intention was to build a replica of a Collings DS2H, which is probably the nicest sounding guitar I've ever played. While the finish is not up to Collings' standards, the sound of this instrument is, in my opinion, just as powerful and well balanced. As it plays-in it should open up and give me pleasure for years to come.Thanks again for your excellent instructional series. This guitar could not have happened were it not for that. Paul
Thank you for your excellent guitar video lessons. My guitar looks, feels, and sounds great. It is definitely the nicest sounding guitar I have ever played. I am looking forward to making at least two more, one for each son. John
I’m a hobbiest, intrigued by the process of building light, responsive steel string guitars - I’m currently working on #13, a pretty Koa/Sitka OM on consignment for a friend. Each time I head down to the shop to work on a particular aspect of the build, I run through that chapter of your course and make sure I’m up to speed on what to do. It always reminds me to watch for this or that and keeps me focused on the important steps. - and of course, I’m always on the lookout for “your friend”. Tony in Colorado
When I got the steel string course, it was a gold mine for me because it presented everything so clearly, logically, and sequentially, all I needed to do was follow the instruction and learn by doing, which is the only way this work goes. The video presentation is just right - the focus is the task at hand, everything's clear and easily visible, and there's no distraction from the work. Also, the process is broken up into an orderly, and DIGESTABLE organization. Peter
I purchased your online Acoustic Guitar Building course and just want to say I have found it extremely valuable. For the past couple of years I've spent my saturday mornings taking private lessons from a highly respected local luthier. I'm currently working on my second guitar and your video lessons are a great resource for reinforcing what I have learned from my classes. Although the techniques may vary somewhat the concepts are the same. I am looking forward to my next guitar which I plan on building from your lessons. Thanks for the lessons! Kevin B.
Your online class is perfect! It is like being in your shop. I am a piano tuner/ re-builder, but my passion has always been for the guitar. I have been a player and teacher for a long time and have even done fret jobs, head stock repairs, etc. I love being in the shop and as a classical and jazz player, plan on going through your arch top class next. Thanks again for offering these classes. Gary
Chapter 1 • The Sides
3:39:36 $34.50 Buy Chapter
Lesson 1: Cutting Sides to Width 10:02
Lesson 2: Thicknessing 20:11
Lesson 3: Scraping 6:31
Lesson 4: Sanding 4:37
Lesson 5: Molds 2:38
Lesson 6: Intro to Bending 7:28
Lesson 7: Tapering the Sides 7:55
Lesson 8: Bending 23:15
Lesson 9: Bending Part II 8:31
Lesson 10: Heel and End Blocks 23:12
Lesson 11: Cutting Sides to Length 6:53
Lesson 12: Gluing Sides to Blocks 11:21
Lesson 13: Radiusing 21:24
Lesson 14: Kerfing 17:50
Lesson 15: More Radiusing and Kerfing 8:37
Lesson 16: Crack repair 10:40
Lesson 17: Side Struts 12:41
Lesson 18: End Wedge 15:59
Chapter 2 • The Soundport
26:33 $14.00 Buy Chapter
Lesson 1: Soundport Overview 5:41
Lesson 2: Making Veneers 5:24
Lesson 3: Attaching Veneers 8:32
Lesson 4: Routing the Soundport 6:57
Chapter 3 • The Back
2:19:57 $20.00 Buy Chapter
Lesson 1: Joining the Back 12:39
Lesson 2: Making Back Braces 21:43
Lesson 3: Thicknessing the Back 8:52
Lesson 4: Reinforcement Strip 11:48
Lesson 5: Gluing Back Braces 18:24
Lesson 6: Voicing the Back 27:29
Lesson 7: Radiusing Back Kerfing 3:50
Lesson 8: Fitting the Back 21:58
Lesson 9: Attaching the Back 13:26
Chapter 4 • The Top
4:43:48 $49.00 Buy Chapter
Lesson 1: Joining the Top 11:40
Lesson 2: Prepping for the Rosette Part I 4:23
Lesson 3: Hand Planer Setup 3:21
Lesson 4: Prepping for the Rosette Part II 11:42
Lesson 5: Installing the Rosette 23:57
Lesson 6: Installing the Rosette Purflings 13:00
Lesson 7: Thicknessing the Top 20:09
Lesson 8: Binding the Soundhole 20:05
Lesson 9: Top bracing Overview 4:22
Lesson 10: Making Braces 18:44
Lesson 11: The X Brace 17:30
Lesson 12: Tone Bars and Finger Braces 16:07
Lesson 13: Upper Braces 12:26
Lesson 14: Soundhole Bracing 2:02
Lesson 15: The Bridge Patch 17:09
Lesson 16: Braces Discussed 10:42
Lesson 17: Voicing Part I 18:25
Lesson 18: Voicing Part II 19:51
Lesson 19: Voicing Part III 14:14
Lesson 20: Closing the Box 24:12
Chapter 5 • Bindings
1:47:24 $20.00 Buy Chapter
Lesson 1: Bending 10:18
Lesson 2: Setting Up the Binding Cutter Jig 13:44
Lesson 3: Cutting Binding Channels 17:07
Lesson 4: Install Prep 7:48
Lesson 5: Installing the Bindings 21:24
Lesson 6: Installing the Back Bindings 17:41
Lesson 7: Scraping the Bindings 19:34
Chapter 6 • The Neck
2:27:06 $31.00 Buy Chapter
Lesson 1: Cutting the Scarf Joint 10:56
Lesson 2: Laminating the Neck 10:31
Lesson 3: Gluing the Scarf Joint 7:54
Lesson 4: Thicknessing the Peghead 8:14
Lesson 5: Truss Rod Slot 10:15
Lesson 6: Peghead Veneers 10:46
Lesson 7: Trimming Peghead Veneer 3:18
Lesson 8: Veneering Back of Peghead 10:31
Lesson 9: Shaping and Drilling the Peghead 9:27
Lesson 10: Heel Block 3:23
Lesson 11: Calculating Neck Angle 10:40
Lesson 12: Tapering the Neck 6:22
Lesson 13: Neck Joint Jig 3:26
Lesson 14: Cutting the Mortise 7:38
Lesson 15: Cutting the Tenon 20:37
Lesson 16: Attaching the Neck 9:21
Lesson 17: Truss Rod Slot Extension 3:49
Chapter 7 • The Fretboard
49:56 $14.00 Buy Chapter
Lesson 1: Slotting the Fretboard 9:55
Lesson 2: Tapering the Fretboard 6:44
Lesson 3: Binding the Fretboard 8:54
Lesson 4: Fretboard Length 5:43
Lesson 5: Positioning the Fretboard 11:33
Lesson 6: Attaching the Fretboard 7:07
Chapter 8 • Neck Carving
1:15:08 $31.00 Buy Chapter
Lesson 1: Making the heel cap 7:14
Lesson 2: Carving the heel 16:29
Lesson 3: Neck Width 10:49
Lesson 4: Neck Thickness 4:38
Lesson 5: Shaping the Neck 15:30
Lesson 6: More Shaping 13:08
Lesson 7: Sanding and Scraping 7:20
Chapter 9 • The Fretboard II
1:12:31 $20.00 Buy Chapter
Lesson 1: Radiusing the Fretboard 8:57
Lesson 2: Leveling the Fretboard 5:45
Lesson 3: Fret Markers 13:24
Lesson 4: Side Fret Markers 6:56
Lesson 5: Fret Installation Overview 3:20
Lesson 6: Fret Installation 12:17
Lesson 7: More Fret Installation 16:40
Lesson 8: Beveling Fret Ends 5:12
Chapter 10 • The Bridge
44:11 $20.00 Buy Chapter
Lesson 1: Bridge design 3:19
Lesson 2: Bridge Thickness and Shape 6:55
Lesson 3: Bridge Pin Holes 3:17
Lesson 4: Bridge Bottom Radius 3:03
Lesson 5: Tapering the Wings 4:11
Lesson 6: Bridge Top Radius 3:47
Lesson 7: More Shaping 4:15
Lesson 8: Saddle Slot 8:25
Lesson 9: Sanding 6:15
Lesson 10: Bridge Weight 1:44
Chapter 11 • The Finish
3:14:24 $73.50 Buy Chapter
Lesson 1: Finish Overview 2:56
Lesson 2: Rounding the Bindings 4:11
Lesson 3: Gap Filling 1:20
Lesson 4: Sanding the Neck 8:37
Lesson 5: Sanding the Body 8:35
Lesson 6: Masking for Bridge 7:40
Lesson 7: Pore Filling Prep 9:38
Lesson 8: Pore Filling 19:06
Lesson 9: Masking the Fretboard 5:36
Lesson 10: Spray Equipment 5:55
Lesson 11: Spraying Sealer 10:05
Lesson 12: Spraying Explanation 5:15
Lesson 13: Sanding the Sealer 19:36
Lesson 14: Spraying Lacquer 12:14
Lesson 15: Sanding the Lacquer 18:58
Lesson 16: Final Spraying 7:38
Lesson 17: Leveling the Finish 24:45
Lesson 18: Buffing the Finish 22:05
Lesson 19: Satin Finish 3:51
Lesson 20: Finishing Conclusion 2:32
Chapter 12 • Attaching the Bridge
25:43 $14.50 Buy Chapter
Lesson 1: Positioning the Bridge 8:29
Lesson 2: Preparing for Gluing 7:07
Lesson 3: Gluing the Bridge 10:07
Chapter 13 • Fretwork
17:41 $14.50 Buy Chapter
Lesson 1: Removing Masking Tape 5:44
Lesson 2: Leveling Frets 4:34
Lesson 3: Crowning Frets 5:53
Lesson 4: Final Fretwork 12:30
Chapter 14 • Nut and Saddle
27:37 $14.50 Buy Chapter
Lesson 1: Fitting the Nut 5:42
Lesson 2: Shaping the Nut 5:24
Lesson 3: Slotting the Nut 9:02
Lesson 4: The Saddle 7:29
Chapter 15 • Setup
1:04:02 $36.50 Buy Chapter
Lesson 1: Bridge Pin Holes 7:10
Lesson 2: Installing Tuners 6:32
Lesson 3: Installing Strings 11:49
Lesson 4: Neck Relief 3:26
Lesson 5: Nut Action 9:13
Lesson 6: 12th Fret Action 4:12
Lesson 7: Intonation 11:42
Lesson 8: Initial Playing 6:05
Lesson 9: Final Thoughts 3:53